Recommended Vendors

WAP Firearms Services

: @FirearmsWap
A left gunsmithing shop with firearms instruction and NRA and non-NRA Firearms Safety Certificate (FSC) services.

Partisan Camouflage
Partisan Camouflage is a DIY camouflage project currently working out of Spoonflower.

Red Star Defense
Red Star Defense is a worker-owned industrial cooperative in the Pacific Northwest, reselling tactical accessories and manufacturing ballistic armor that working class people can afford without compromising on quality or utility.

Conquest of Thread
: @ConquestThread
A worker-owned and -operated shop making tactical gear and accessories.

Off-Color Decals
: @OffColorDecals

Leftist and LGBTQ+ stickers, pins, patches and more!

The following vendors sell some items that are legal for their areas, but are not California-legal (such as 30-round magazines or off-roster handguns). Buyers in California should be absolutely certain of the letter of the law before purchasing.

Thousand Pikes
: @ThousandPikes

Thousand Pikes is a worker-owned co-operative business based in Reston, VA, with personnel coming from a diverse set of backgrounds.