CA Compliance Gear Review – RJK Mag Coupler

California bans the sale, import, manufacture, etc. of so-called “Large-Capacity Magazines” (CA Penal Code 32310 and 16740). This limits most firearm owners in CA to 10-round magazines. Please see the below review by Omashu for an accessory that tries to address ergonomic concerns of AR magazines.

I picked up the RJK Pmag couplers ( and wanted to share a couple thoughts with them in case other comrades were considering purchasing them.

The product’s intended purpose is to enable fast reloads of CA-compliant 10 round mags. These are advertised to work with Magpul Pmag gen3’s. They also advertise that two 10-round Pmags joined with their coupler will fit in a standard magazine pouch (for 30-round AR mags). My experience with them follows:

Installation was a breeze. Remove the stock floorplate from the first mag, replace with the coupler. Remove the stock floorplate from the second mag and slide it into place. The coupler is a tight fit, and some force is needed to set it all the way. Once in place, you need to use a screwdriver or other long device to unlock the coupler and disassemble.

Mechanically, they work great. I bought 3 couplers and so I’ve tried 6 Pmags at the range – no issues whatsoever with feeding or releasing the mag. Reloading is indeed quite fast. 3 months on and a couple more range trips in, I have yet to experience any malfunction with the coupled Pmags.

Now for the one negative – although it does fit in standard AR 30-round mag pouches, the girth of the coupler makes it such that it’s impossible to quickly take out of tight-fitting pouches. I have an NcStar double mag pouch on my gun belt, and I won’t be running the RJK couplers in those.

The milsurp TAP that I have is a little more forgiving, so I alternate the coupled mags with Hexmag 10/30s. If two RJK-coupled mags are next to each other, fit becomes an issue again.

All in all, I would say they are a good option if you’re looking for mag couplers, with a major caveat that the coupled mags won’t be able to be used in certain mag pouches.